Tuesday, April 14, 2020

2019 in a blink of eye

2019 passed so quickly..

1. Internal Medicine Gala Night
Initially, wasn't keen to join but I'm glad I did. A reason to dress up :)
At that time, I have worked in Internal Medicine for 5 months.
Oh, and I've permed my hair (: Not exactly the curls I wanted but I can live with it. It grew on me eventually.
Medic8ion in Internal Medicine

2. Chinese New Year with family
My first CNY since I'm back in Brunei for good. What's more special was that Mel was also back. Finally reunited with her after 4 years apart!!
Also dyed my hair to a lighter shade - Milk tea brown

with Baby Oli~

3. J's 26th Birthday
Tradition - baking J his birthday cake; I baked Ferrero Rocher cake for his 25th birthday. 
For his 26th birthday, I've baked pandan yam cake..and finally able to use the korean buttercream I've learnt to practice. I practiced for at least 3 times before his actual cake. I was also worried about the temperature when I'm on plane that'll melt the buttercream. I was also anxious about the cake being smashed while I hold the luggage etc, and everything was great at the end hehe 
Sometimes I worried too much..
Didn't have a picture of J with the cake because he didn't bother taking it (and I was really upset tbh!) Pic from Mel who was so proud and stayed up late with me to complete the cake (& my mum too, big love!)

Read more on my SG trip here

4. Brunei's National Day
Was called to march for Brunei's National Day. Been ages since I last wore a headscarf (tudung). We had to buy our own cloth and make our own baju kurung!! It's quite an experience haha

5. New Zealand's trip for Mel's graduation
Amazing trip. Love every bit of it and so proud of my little sis too!!
Read more here

6. 2nd anniversary with J in Bangkok, Thailand
We survived 10 months of LDR, which we met up 3 times in between. 
J's first BKK trip. Our short but memorable experience - TruLove cafe with huskies, J's first Tuktuk ride, Thai massages (our last massage parlour caused folliculitis to J :/), and all the delicious authentic Thai food - read here

7. Survived my General Surgery rotation
6 months of GS completed. It's bearable and I genuinely enjoyed it because I had great support from my seniors. Was given the opportunities to suture & assist in a lot of surgeries. What an eye opening experience. 

The sisters I've gained during this rotation

My first group workout with the GS & ex-GS FYs
Almost died from the workout!

8. J's visit to Brunei
J survived 1 year of housemanship (Congratulations & good job!!), and had 4 months no-pay leave. He decided to visit me in September for 3 weeks, and then another week again in October. This meant a lot to me, because LDR was tough. Secretly though, I was hoping he would stay with me for 3 months xD 
I think by this time, we were way too comfortable with each other.. I worked by shifts, and he usually picked me up from work. I was expecting things to be like in Cork, when we were staying together, where we cooked together, and enjoyed spending time together.. but I guess because I was working, and he wasn't, so I expected & demanded a lot. We were also preparing for our exams at that time, and didn't go to a lot of dates. 
Looking back, we did have good memories together, and I missed those times. 

with my cousin's dog

Our monthsary dinner at Riwaz, and then we headed over to my cousin's place for some drinks. J puked all over my car, and in my apartment. But even when he was drunk, he professed his love to me which was really sweet :') I wasn't mad at all, and was happy the whole night hahah

With Nikie & Lexie; they've missed him (: 

In October, I finally had the chance to bring J to Jerudong Park. JP is huge, and used to have a lot of thrilling and fun rides. But without proper maintenance, it became run down..and now there's only a few rides functioning. Nevertheless, I was really happy that we went, because we've never been to any amusement park together. We rode the pirate ship, water splash, and Go-Kart. I don't have any of the photos because they're all in J's phone :/ What's essential is invisible to the eyes. They'll be memories in my heart that I'll forever cherished. 

9. My 26th Birthday + Australia trip
As I'll be celebrating my birthday with J in Australia, June celebrated my advanced birthday at Ximply Chriz. We also went to a Polish violin & piano duet concert at Laksamana College. Thanks for celebrating with me :) It means a lot to me <3

Spicy Sriracha chicken pasta

Spent my actual birthday with J in Melbourne, and had great memories in Australia. I can do brunches all day err day~ Detailed experience here

Had a belated celebration with the Critical care medicine team :)

10. Christmas & New Year Celebration
Annual Xmas / Advanced NY celebration with the girls.

Xmas gift exchange with the GS peeps (checkered shirt theme)

J's Christmas present
This came as a surprise :) Thank you J. The paper Xmas tree was really sweet because I've always wanted to have a Christmas tree & I felt like we've missed the chance when we were in Cork (our only celebration together). But I wish you were beside me, more than anything. 

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