Monday, November 5, 2018

Memoirs of 2017

2018 is coming to an end, but I haven't even compiled my best 2017 memories. I promised myself to do a recap of every year for my own record, especially recently, I've realised I'm more forgetful... So here it is:

1) Chinese New Year
With Bru-Eire gang in Cork~

Making dumplings from scratch with my housemate & her Chinese friends
Homemade dumplings are the best!!

2) March 17 was the day J approached me for St Patrick's Day? Oddly, we went for breakfast at Garnish House & then watch Beauty & the beast. Nothing St Patrick's at all xD

Had my exams on April, so it's pretty much just studying. 

Decided not to go back Brunei for 2017's summer. Focused on my final year research project & exploring Cork.
3) Visiting Blarney Castle
4) Picnic at Nohoval Cove 

5) May 29th, 2017
 Our official date

6) Visiting Fota Wildlife Park

7) Summer date in London
My first vacation with J & also my first musical experience in London

8) Belgium trip
5 cities in 5 days - tiring but fun.. All I could remember was stuffing myself with waffles & ice-cream 24/7..

9) Attended Carl's graduation at Cardiff, Wales!

Cousins reunited!

Caerphilly castle 

Cardiff Bay

10) Exploring Ireland - Wexford & Waterford

11) Attended my housemate's graduation!

12) Halloween
Last halloween in Cork. Tim came to Cork to celebrate with us, and we went to a zombie we're all zombies XD
Nobody noticed the fact that I wore a grey contact on one of my eye. Failed heterochromia attempt T_T

13) Baby A's birthday <3

14) Medicine Ball 2017
My first and last med ball (:

15) My Birthday - pampered as a princess with a floral themed lunch with my lovelies 

16) London with J again + Majlis Bernama Rakyat 2017- read here
Watched Aladdin, my 2nd musical (: 
Fun facts: Aladdin is my favourite disney cartoon & Princess Jasmine is my favourite disney princess

17) Christmas 2017
So much food for 2 people..
There's a reason for the weight gain xD 

My first turkey feast!!


18) Visited Norway during winter
My first real snow experience. First dog sledding experience. Lots of first. Amazing time, but I gained weight terribly T_T

Ended my 2017 with lots of first experiences & great memories.
There's ups and downs in 2017 but I'm fortunate enough to have my family, friends and loved ones to bear all of it with me.