Tuesday, December 13, 2016

23rd birthday; 2016 - Autumn themed party

It's the time of the year again. December, my favourite month..probably because it signifies winter holidays, the end of a year, and also the festive seasons - Christmas, New Year's Eve, my birthday :p

Glad that I do not have any major exams this semester; although the continuous assessment, presentations and clinical exams are driving me crazy..

A was having her research block & couldn't finish her literature review. Furthermore, she was placed at Waterford for Emergency Med for 2 weeks. Hence, I wasn't expecting anything. We agreed to have dinner at a fancy 3-course restaurant in the city, which lowered my expectations of anything 'extravagant' this year. 

She was back on Thursday but "went out to meet her friends" on Friday. Little did I know that she's actually busy preparing a birthday party for me!! So much love for this girl!! 

She remembered all things that I've mentioned, such as wanting to try & bake pumpkin desserts. Well, blame it on Pinterest; they have so many Fall recipes. We even bought pumpkins in the hope to try them out but we were so busy (my extra large pumpkin ended up being a decoration for my birthday party). 

I finally get to try them recently and they're tasteless!! I have a hard time finishing off them now...

The cheapest canned pumpkin available here is €4+ because they're all imported from the States :( I guess I can only try baking when I'm back in Brunei.

Anyways, A went out to pick up Z around 10:30pm and they roamed around the city till T and W arrived at 1am. They were worried that I haven't slept and would suspect something's going on when I hear the noises..but I actually fell asleep around 11pm lol.

Woke up the next day and saw Z on the coach, in my living room and I literally gasped. o____o
Because I didn't expect anyone at all. 

He asked me to go back into my room because he wanted to sleep. A then came and told me not to come out of my room as they haven't actually finished preparing xD

Long story short, they threw me an Autumn themed birthday party!! I was beyond awe; A+++ for creativity and ingenuity! I'll let the pictures do all the talking...

* image-heavy content below* - Sorry but I can't help it. Everything is so pretty! 

Michelle's Cafe

Because it's December, they wrote down 12 words to describe me <3 

..and they're now part of my wall decoration~ heheh

I certainly hope these are the characteristics that my friends honestly see in me; not just the sake for my birthday xD. Now that they're on my wall, they serve as a reminder for me to continue be who I am, or even someone better. 

Did cha notice they're all in white? M's cafe with its employees :p They're in their 'uniform'!

Burgundy turtle-neck sweater with burgundy lips to match the Autumn theme x

Cutie-pie A who baked tiramisu cake twice because she thought her first attempt failed (since she didn't use eggs and opted for brown sugar as a healthier alternative)
Both of them were equally good!

Blessings of my life

T & W brought their fairy lights all the way from Dublin because they knew I've been wanting to have a photoshoot with it!! Bucket list ticked ;)

Went to Nosta for dinner :)

Arnotts cupcakes from my flatmate 

So sweet of her~ So blessed! However, the cupcakes were quite disappointing. The cake itself was alright, but the icing was too sweet. Looking at the purple vanilla bean cupcake, and green mint chocolate cupcake frosting, I couldn't imagine the amount of food colouring that I've consumed..TT herself was disappointed too :(

Cakes in Ireland are usually sponge cakes with buttercream or fondant. People go nuts for them, but they're too sweet for my liking. I miss all the cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and fresh fruit cakes from Brunei T______________T

After my surprise hi-tea birthday celebration last year, A managed to top herself again!! I am really touched by all her efforts and sacrifices!! #sisterfromanothermother


有些你自以为重要的人,如果你不联系他,他就真的永远不会联系你。感情总是太脆弱,一段时间不联系就会变淡。感情是互相; 友情也如此。用心暖心。没有人会愚蠢地一昧付出,把自己搞得片体鳞伤。

Forever grateful for people who make an effort in fostering a deeper friendship. I consider myself an introvert and very difficult to get close with, as I do not trust easily. However, I would cherish and appreciate all my close friends because I know they're hard to come by, and I would do anything to keep them.

I still stand by what I've said last year - quality, not quantity. 

"If someone doesn't understand you, they will love you the way they want; if they do, they will love you the way you need."

Thank you for loving me the way I need. Friends to keep eternally