Sunday, October 28, 2018

Berry picking in Wexford & Spraoi Festival at Waterford

Last summer, J and I went to Wexford for berry picking!

The Berry Farm
The Ballagh, Clonroche, Co. Wexford, Ireland. 

We had to call the farm owner to confirm the location as we have no idea where it is & a little help from Google map, we reached Wexford safely. Wexford took us 2.5 hours. J rented a car for this trip :)

It was drizzling a bit so the soil was wet and muddy, which affected the overall experience. Nevertheless, I was extremely excited to pluck all the strawberries.

We went at early August. We were told that the best time for berries picking is May-mid July.  Besides strawberries, the farms also plant gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries and red currants. However, in August time, most of them were not available anymore. 

I think we paid €12 for the big container of strawberries? Entrance fee is free. I forgot the prices but there's a smaller container available for €6. J was really obedient and just plucked till the container was full. We did not eat any berries in the farm, but I think we could actually do so since it's a pick-all-you-can?? 

 After Wexford, we drove to Waterford since it's just nearby. It takes approximately 1 hour to reach. Coincidentally, the Spraoi festival in Waterford was happening. Lots of food stalls, but they were rather similar to the options available in Cork. 

Massive hotdog bun with crispy onions

Pistachio & Ferrero Rocher at Gino's

Spraoi parade & firework

Tried baking a strawberry shortcake using the strawberries we've picked
They're really sweet & juicy!! Our cake failed overall though. The sponge cake was not soft enough :( 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Cork's Fota Wildlife Park

Another place in Cork that I probably wouldn't go if J didn't ask me to..

Opens everyday 10am - 6pm (with 4:30pm as last entry)
Price: €16.50 for adults (€12 for students)

Butterfly sanctuary.. I think this photo was an attempt to take a shot on the butterflies but there were no where to be seen. Tells a lot about my photography skills.

Such a gloomy day. It kind of drizzled on off throughout the day

Didn't actually get to take any with ?kangaroos - what are those actually? Excuse me with my limited knowledge on the animal kingdom species :S

Thank god we brought an umbrella. Cork's weather is always unpredictable.

We took a taxi there, but we rode the train back.

We spent nearly the whole afternoon at Fota. The red pandas were hiding so we didn't get to see them at all. It was raining for half of the day, so most animals were hiding xD

With the taxi, you would reach Fota's entrance but it costs a lot more. I think J paid for nearly €20? Taxi takes about 25-30 minutes, depending on traffic. 
Using the train/Irish rail, Cork Kent station to Fota station costs €2.70 for a single ticket. However, Cork Kent station is an hour walk from where we stayed.. Alternatively, we could use the bus to Cork city centre and then another bus to kent station again, which would take about 50 minutes in total? 

Cork's public transport isn't the greatest. It reminds me so much of Brunei, where most of the people travel by their own car. 

Despite the bad weather and lack of attractions, I still enjoy the accompany (:

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Picnic at Nohoval Cove

Summer picnic at Nohoval cove~

ZH has always wanted to do a picnic & we finally got to do it during summer!!
We woke up at 4:30am to prepare all the food! Was worried that it would rain but thankfully, it didn't! Reached Nohoval cove at 6am.

Our picnic menu:
Sweet potato brownies
Chocolate chip cookies
Nutty banana skinny muffins
Tuna egg sandwiches with Ballymaloe relish
Luncheon meat sushi
Pineapple & strawberries
Cherry tomatoes
Watermelon juice

Hilly pathway to reach to the peak. Amazing view tho.

It drizzled soon after we left nohoval cove. It's such a pretty place & I would definitely put it as a place to visit in Cork! It's rather inaccessible though. Wouldn't been there if it's not for ZH. Takes us 30 minutes to reach by car. 

It was a great break from our usual electives & final year research project. 
Thanks ZH for driving A & myself!! (: