Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Kinsale, Kinsale~

♥ My girlies came to Cork!! 


But as y'all know, there's nothing much in Cork :( So..we decided to travel to Kinsale. People who visited Cork said Kinsale is a must-visit. However, after visiting, I think it could be missed. Tbh, there's nothing much there, except for seafood.

It's a peaceful and calm town, good for a weekend getaway, but nothing else that worth the 11.20 euros bus ride. It'll take roughly an hour to reach Kinsale from Cork City Centre.

Upon arrival, we dined at:
The Blue Haven Seafood Cafe
3/4 Pearse Street, Kinsale, Cork
+353 21 477 2209

 Jamie's Claypot King Prawns & Iberico Chorizo (13.50)
Toons Bridge Iberico Chorizo & Pan Fried King Prawns w/ chilli & garlic butter, shallots, parsley, served with garlic crostini

 Slow Cooked Pulled Pork & Toons Bridge Smoked Scamorza Melt (9.50)
6 hours slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, melted Toons Bridge smoked Scamorza cheese, toast brioche bun & apple sauce

 Also in the pic:
Soup & Sandwich Combo (11.50)

The Classic Seafood Cafe Fish & Chips (16.90)
Served in Crisp Beer Batter (but we opted the beer batter due to personal reason) with mushy peas, tartar sauce, Maldon Sea Salt & lemon

Seafood Cafe Fish Pie (16.90)
Atlantic salmon, smoked haddock & cod all bound together w/ a parsley white onion & dill cream sauce, finished with Hearty's Cheddar & Chive mash, daily baked soda bread & french style peas

Warm Caramel Apple Sundae (7.50)
Caramel & vanilla bean ice cream with hot butterscotch sauce, apple & cinnamon compote, sticky toffee ginger cake pieces, whipped vanilla cream & finished with praline and fudge pieces

We wanted to visit Charles Fort but it'll take us 30-45 minutes walk there and the weather was not on our side (AGAIN!) can see how gloomy it looked at the pictures ;( 

Bad luck or what?? Every. Single. Time. 

Dublin Trip to Bray

Overdue post, again!!
T wanted to surprise W for her belated birthday. But we were all too busy with school as we've just started it back in August...
She planned it for quite a while, and even invited the Glasgow peeps to join in. However, we delayed the whole plan till T's birthday in September xD

One stone kills two birds? Hahah

Happy Belated Birthday W; Medic8ion in PJs 

Brunch @ The Bake House

New hairstyles for the both of us!

Gloomy weather again. I think it's us. Why is it that everytime we travelled, it will be gloomy?!
This happened to us in our Glendalough, Wicklow, Kilkenny trip as well!! Thank god the sun did appear shortly afterwards!!

Bray was lovely, but I feel like all of Ireland's beaches/ports look kinda similar? Howth, Kerry, and Dingle looks kinda same as well..
Bray doesn't worth a visit if you only have a few days to tour around Ireland.

Happy Birthday T 

Ireland wanderers 

Till our next trip together