Monday, June 19, 2017

London 2.0

After my London Trip in Dec '15, I'm back again~

Since W and T didn't visit the touristy places in London before, our trip to London this time round was 80% photoshoot at the main attractions.
I've been to most of the places back in December 2015, but this time round, with T as the photographer, I actually didn't mind at all xD

Day 1

We arrived London at 3am but couldn't check into Brunei Hall until 8am as there were no beds available. Stayed up all night, showered and met up with fellow Bruneian seniors, juniors and Dr. F.

 Yolkin' macaron ice cream sandwich
Salted caramel brownie / £4.80

Yolkin is a pop-up store so they changed their location every week. Make sure to check their website to see where they'll be. They also changed their flavours every week! I wanted to try the HK milk tea but T got the last one! 

 M & M world

 Christmas Eve dinner; steamboat at S Jie jie's place

Day 2

Merry Christmas~ The plan was to eat dimsum at Chinatown because we were told that's the only place that would be opened on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, they don't serve we pretty much roam around the area and had Italian for late lunch/early dinner instead. 

Bella Italia
22 Leicester Square

Paccheri Calabrese / £12.99
Giant pasta tubes in a fiery tomato sauce, spicy 'nduja sausage and pepperoni from Calabria, chicken, Luganica sausage, roast red onion and green chilli, with cooling mascarpone

Insalata Pollo Caesar / £11.99
Chargrilled chicken breast, pancetta, lettuce leaves, Pecorino cheese, Caesar dressing and croutons

Ricotta Spinaci / £10.99
Layers of fresh pasta, ricotta, spinach, with a béchamel and tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

Service     : 
Food         : 
Ambience : 
Price         : 

My friends are great at taking candid photos:

Facing the camera

Candid version

 Facing the camera

Candid version

The candid versions are not edited. I guess it's the angles they took and the quality of the shot (candid photos are by T's Olympus camera). Such huge differences!!

Day 3

41 Craven Road, London

Satay goreng / £6.50
Chicken pieces marinated in oriental spices served with rice cubes, cucumber, onions & peanut sauce

Kueh Tiaw Hailam / £6.90
Flat rice noodle soup with seafood

Nasi Lemak Tukdin / £7.90
Coconut rice served with anchovies chilli paste, boiled egg, cucumber, fried chicken & peanuts

Mee goren mamak / £6.90
Savoury fried egg noodles with beancurd, eggs and shrimp fritters

The soya cincau is a total disappointment. £2.50 and it tasted like diluted milk. DON'T ORDER IT PLS.

Service    : 
Food        : 
Price        : 

Day 4

Chose to walk instead of waiting for the lift..and regretted it halfway through. 2nd time doing this and still not learning from past experiences.. >_<

Neal's Yard attempt 2.0 
Tried taking photos here in 2015 as well and they didn't turn out as nice as I hoped it would. Unfortunately, I didn't really like the current ones as well 

Royal Dragon Restaurant & Karaoke
30 Gerrard Street, London

Finally get to eat dimsum!!

Crispy Beancurd rolls with prawns / £4.30

Har kau king prawn dumplings / £3.85

Crispy cream custard buns / £3.20

Mini egg tarts / £3.20

Salad prawn dumplings / £4.50

Superior steam pork dumpling / £4.30

Taro croquette with pork and prawns / £3.30

Savoury meat croquette with prawn / £3.30

beancurd rolls in oyster sauce / £3.30

Pork and crab siew mai / £3.50

Fried dough stick cheung fun / £4.30

Char siu pork cheong fun / £4.30

crab meat & prawn dumpling in soup / £4.30

Service    : 
Food       : 
Price       : 

The Shan State
102 Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Halo-Halo / £6.20

Mango Lover / £6.20

Service    : 
Food        : 
Price        : 

Tombo Poke & Matcha Bar
28 D'Arbylay Street, London

Matcha Soft serve cone / £3.70

Flew back to Cork with a right red eye. I had it on the last day I was in London, but I still wore my contacts because no way I'm wearing glasses for photoshoots >_<!!

Went to the Eye casualty at CUH and they charged me €100 for just the consultation fee... They told me it's just inflammation, no infection (thank god). I had my right eye dilated and the effect should be worn off after a day but mine lasted for 4 days though. I had no idea why but I guess it's bad luck to end my 2016 with a red eye and a huge burn in my pocket. 

On the side note, A came back Cork earlier to celebrate NYE with me 

I'm glad W, T and I had no disputes and conflicts after this trip. You know how going on a vacation could potentially destroy relationships and friendships xD 
Thankfully, none of those happened. 

To more adventures together