Sunday, March 15, 2020

My 25th Birthday & J's 26th Birthday

2019 - Our first year being apart.
My Resp Medicine rotation ended on 1/12, and the department organised a farewell + birthday celebration for me and Dr S!

We're born on the same day, but 5 years apart!

The best Tomyam fried rice I've ever tasted!!

Balloons and mini pavlova tarts from bestie :)

Our first double date

Thanks for everything!

J's cake party (we literally just ate cakes)
with blue hydrangeas (which has become my favourite now) with baby breaths and pink rose
So much effort for preparing (: Thank you!
The matcha swiss roll was really soft and fragrant - specially brought by J from Singapore. 

Fruit cake again with fam! <3 Thanks everyone for the gifts & wishes!

My two lovely grandmas (:

Also J's first trip to Brunei -- so glad I'm able to introduce him to Loki, my cousin's husky

With Nikie, my sister's German Shepherd~

Brunei has nothing much to offer, but I do hope that it brings good memories when you reminisce one day (despite my apartment constantly made J sneezes)

Then, I travelled to singapore 2 months later for J's birthday. 
We stayed in MBS Presidential suite for J's birthday :) It's like Papa J's birthday gift for us.

Master bedroom

The extravagant master bedroom's toilet/washroom with bathtub 

Living room with a grand piano - which I played happy birthday song for J!

Guest room?

Entertainment room - where we played Mahjong

Massage room

Mini gym in a hotel room - so extra!

Work/Meeting room


Infinity pool @ MBS

Night view

Singapore's Art & Science Museum

The museum's galaxy room was actually closed for renovation on my first visit there, thankfully we had the chance to go again on J's birthday

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2019

For J's birthday dinner, he treated us to Beef Yakiniku Dining Yakiniquest
We had their $168 omakase which includes: 
- 2 kinds of starter
- Japanese salad
- Wagyu & Uni Sashimi, Signature "Beef noodle"
- Grill Beed 8 supreme cuts (incl steak cut premium tongue, signature "yakisuki" & wagyu aburi sushi)
- Wagyu Chazuke
- Dessert

Missing an "a" at chateaubriand lol

Literally melts in my tongue

They're very sweet to give J some beef cuts for his birthday

I actually baked pandan yam cake for J's birthday but he didn't take any pictures of it which really upsets me :( Luckily, my sister took it on the day I packaged it before flying it to SG

Still need a lot of practice on my Korean buttercream!

So, in order for J to have some cakes on his actual birthday, I bought 4 mini cakes from Patisserie G -- but I actually felt that my cake tasted better (although it looks uglier xD *thick faced)

Chocolate Cake

Matcha Cake

The G Spot: Dark Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Meringue, Dark chocolate Hazelnut praline feuilletine 

Lychee Rose Cheesecake

Massage at Bayan Tree Spa for birthday boy



Advanced Valentine's dinner in Singapore before I head back to Brunei

Thanks J for the hospitality, and everything.

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