Saturday, November 26, 2016

Singapore Trip

After a dreadful lone and long flight from London, I've finally reached Singapore!! As soon as I've landed at the airport, I could feel the heat! 

Surprisingly, I did not experience any jet lag :D

Woke up the next day, feeling really hungry and asked ZH for breakfast recommendation, which he suggested Roti Prata. Took a cab there and the store wasn't opened!!!
So instead, we tried the kolo mee around the same area. Wasn't the best but good enough. First kolo mee after 9 months away from Asia!

Walked around Orchard Road in the evening..felt tired and slept in early..

Day 1

Have always wanted to try cafe hopping in Singapore; shortlisted a few but never actually visited them this trip T_____T
The only one I've visited was Shiberty Bakes.

Shiberty Bakes
#01-227, 46 Owen Road, 
Singapore 210046

Tel: +65 6291 5221 
Open 1pm - 10pm, close on Mondays

It was quite difficult to locate the cafe as it's not situated in the city centre. It's situated in a residential area as I remembered walking past a few block of flats and a school.
The cafe is very modern and is definitely a good place for pictures :p as the cafe was shielded by glass windows to ensure adequate air-conditioning, without blocking the natural sunlight!

Rocher Shiberty Toast - Chocolates, fudge sauce, hazelnut & vanilla ice cream (SGD $16)

Charcoal Gourmet Waffles - Macaron, white chocolate drizzle, hazelnut & vanilla ice cream (SGD $14)

Loaded milkshake, Hazelnut Chocolate flavour (SGD $9)

Everything in the menu is definitely insta-worthy! Love how the chocolate pieces were decorated in each of the dessert. However, I felt like it's a mistake to order the shiberty toast, gourmet waffle, and the loaded milkshake which all contained hazelnut..halfway through the meal, I felt so bloated and full. They're too sweet for my preference as well so it's easy to get sick of it. 

Tip for next time: order the refreshing flavours like matcha or berries!

The Airbnb we stayed at:
 Master bedroom

 2nd bedroom

 3rd bedroom

Centrepoint Apartment was spacious and clean. There were 2 floors but we were only allowed to use the first floor. It was located at Orchard Road so it's extremely convenient. The only complain that I have is probably the toilet. The floor tiles looked stained and there isn't a separate shower. 

Dinner at's been ages since I've ate so much (because food in Ireland is expensive D:)

 Pepper lunch chicken 

 Pepper lunch beef

 Singapore style fried carrot cake!! I MISSED THIS SO MUCH.

 murtabak kosong. Gosh first murtabak after 9 months. Felt so good!

Fried wet kueh tiaw

I can't even remember when's the last time I had kueh tiaw. I always eat 'fake' kueh tiaw in Ireland using tagliatte pasta...

After dinner, I went to meet up with N and had dinner again, and a drink after. 

 Berry mojito @ Odd One Out. Costed me freaking SGD $18 for such a small glass..Why is everything so expensive in SG?!

After that, I met up with ZH and had supper + drinks at Equinox. With the amount of food I'm eating per day..I'm gonna gain so much weight T_T

City Space Dining 
2 Stamford Road, Singapore
+65 6837 3322

City Space is lovely. Perching on Level 70 of Swissotel Stamford (tallest hotel in Singapore), and sitting just beside the glass window, we were able to glanced at the panorama view of Singapore's nightlight. It's also listed as one of the 50 best bars in the World by The Sunday Times UK. It was absolutely amazing. 

 Ordered Long Island Ice Tea:
5 classic white spirits of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, and Triple Sec, infused with TWG Earl Grey Buddha tea before mixing with lemon and Coca-Cola.

I got to say tho, albeit not an alcohol person, I actually enjoyed my Long Island Ice Tea!! but it costed SGD $30 for just a glass..I probably won't order it if I were to come alone *cheapskate* Thanks ZH for the treat!
We ordered Indonesian style satay as well, mainly because it's a good supper food and I'm seriously too full to eat anything else..We even went to 'tapao' beancurd after this!! Fat fat fat fat D:!!

Day 2

Woke up and had quick breakfast, before heading to Universal Studios Singapore. It's actually my first time visiting, because the last time I visited SG was more than 5-6 years ago and USS wasn't built yet.

Everything was so expensive!! We had sausage roll for lunch..and even this (literally just a sausage and a bread roll) costed us SGD $6!! 

 The weather was so hot that my ice cream melted in less than 3 minutes!! and it didn't taste as good as I thought it would. Mister Softee FTW.

We forgot the fact that we're travelling during it's probably school holidays in SG as well. Ended up queuing 1.5 hours each for the Cyclone and Human rollercoaster ride!! Didn't get the express tickets as well because it'll be an addition of $70 on top of the original tickets. Totally not worth?!

Was so hungry at the end of the day and saw Krispy Kreme!! 
Reminds me of London, where I had my first ever Krispy Kreme, and tried all 15 flavours available during that time. Glad to try 5 different flavours this time (:

For dinner, we wanted to try Tim Ho Wan branch in SG but their branch at Plaza Singapura was closed temporarily for renovation! Hence, we went to Crystal Jade Steamboat Kitchen instead. 

02-32 Plaza Singapura
+65 6336 2833

Crystal Jade is a renowned franchise and was awarded Singapore MICHELIN one star award in 2016. However, I think the food was nothing extraordinary and definitely too pricey.

Day 3

So we finally get to try Tim Ho Wan the next day!!

Tim Ho Wan 
12 Kallang Avenue, 
#01-01/02/03 Aperia, Aperia Mall,
Singapore 339511
+65 6684 2000
Opens from 9am - 3am

 Baked BBQ pork bun (SGD 5.30)

 Braised chicken feet with abalone sauce (SGD $5)

 Pork congee with century egg (SGD $4.50)

 Pan fried radish cake (SGD $5)

 Glutinous rice with lotus leaf (SGD $6.80)

Prawn dumplings (SGD $6.50)

Pork rib with black bean (SGD $4.50)

Laksa wonton (SGD $5)

Must have in Singapore!

After our brunch, we went to the Sea aquarium. It's very relaxing to watch the fish swim around. A good place to go to after a long day. However, if you're kinda tight on schedule, this could be missed. 

After that, we went to Gardens by the Bay: 

The OCBC Skyway walk is SGD $8 per person.

Met up with ZH, J and CY one last time before heading back to Brunei tomorrow.

Nasi lemak otak-otak

Thailand trip next!! xx