Friday, December 13, 2013

20th Birthday; 2013

Time flies; it's already December, my favourite month of the year (:

Exams ended on 30th November. I had my advanced birthday dinner with my family on the 1st December. 

Presents ^_^ 

From 3rd-5th December, I attended the AYPVC seminar. 
Yes, a seminar on my birthday..but it was really fun. Glad I was able to be part of it!

On the 6th, Alicia, Tim & me decided to bake cookies for our friends to bring over to Japan, since we have nothing to give to the Japanese 'buddies'. We also baked extra for the Chinese volunteers who had left after their one year stay in Brunei. 

Super messy :p

They turned out really well! We baked several batches and tried to add in different ingredients for every batch. I think I like the peanut butter chocolate chips cookies the best :3

Initially, we were supposed to bake at Tim's house. However, she said her kitchen was really messy, hence they came over to my apartment to bake.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, my friends came to surprise me :o
Then, I knew this was all part of Tim's plan! hahaha

Err...we tried a bad-ass pose and it didn't turn out quite right. HAHAHA

To be honest, I was really surprised! Alicia said they planned to surprise me on the 2nd, before the seminar but Alicia fell the plan failed. Most of them were busy packing their luggage for their Japan trip, but they still made an effort to celebrate my birthday. Thank you so much!!  Also, for those who greeted me on whatsapp, facebook and through text messages...
I love you guys! Thank you!! 

Since my dad's birthday is on the 8th, we had an advanced family dinner on the 6th.

Had cakes the whole day! Gaining weight...  :<

33rd + Birthday present.
Thank You L :) 

Friday, October 4, 2013


My Pomeranian, Sky, died on 21st September 2013..and I wasn't there beside him :(
I was at Bandar, attending my classes and the International Health Conference. 
Sky was healthy when I went back to KB the week was a sudden, terrifying news for me..
Nevertheless, I am happy that I spent almost 8 years with him. 

Hopefully, you will find a better owner after reincarnation.
Thank you, you will always be missed. 

Rest In Peace, Sky.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Empire Afternoon High-Tea

 [Empire High-Tea for two]

L was given free coupons for High-Tea from the his aunt. So there we were, trying out the six-star hotel's afternoon English tea.

The cakes are really nice! I love the cheese cake the most!! ^_^