Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Day in Dingle

Blessed with a sunny day again! 

First stop, Inch Beach!

I probably would get osteoarthritis in the future because I have weird standing positions and it's bad for my joints T__T

We probably spent too much time at Inch beach..taking random pictures...

Been reading so much about Murphy's Ice-cream! Finally got to try it!!

Strand Street
Dingle, Kerry
+353 (066) 915 2644

Small cone (2 small scoops or 1 large scoop) - €4
Medium cone (3 small scoops or 2 large scoops) - €5.50
Large cone (4 small scoops or 3 large scoops) - €7

They usually have their specials as well. For the specials, it'll be:
Small - 5.50
Medium - 6.50
Large - 8

You can try as many flavours as you like before deciding on which one to buy. We practically tried all the flavours available on that day. They have the best customer service! Not only did they recommend us which flavours' combinations are the best, but they also recommended and allowed us to try their specials!

Special: Saucy chocolate fudge!

I ended up with Dingle sea salt, caramelised brown bread and Dingle Gin! I love it!
L and A loved their Irish coffee, which goes well with their chocolate or Kieran's cookie.

A's special: Nutty Crunchy Peanut, which is peanut and caramel honeycomb, topped with caramel sauce and crunchy peanut! She requested a cone with it as well, because specials usually come in cups!

Next, we decided to visit Fungie!
Fungie is a dolphin who's made Dingle Bay as his home. Dolphins usually travel in groups, so it's rather rare that Fungie prefers to be the lone ranger. However, he's really friendly and always plays around fishermen and tourists, which is why he's so famous, that they actually created a statue in his honour!


The boat tour costed €14 and took about 45 mins to one hour. Lovely day it was. We were extremely lucky because the weather was terrible the days before. Initially, we didn't plan to visit Fungie because everyone was telling us the boat tour wouldn't be operating due to the hazardous weather. However, the sun was shining so brightly that we decided to try our luck :D
Glad we did tho!

Continuing our journey to the Gallarus Oratory..

It was believed to be an early Christian church, that was built around the 7th or 8th century. The shape of the Oratory resembles an inverted boat :o

At last, we headed to the Slea Head!

The Slea Head is the most western point of Ireland, and arguably, the most western point of Europe of the European mainland plinth. How cool is that!!

From the Slea head, you could view the Blasket Islands as well. The Slea Head was the setting for films like 'Ryan's Daughter' and 'Far and Away'. 

Ended our Dingle tour with our hearty dinner at 

The Marina Inn
Dingle, Kerry
+353 (066) 915 1660

The ambience was really lovely. It's more of a pub setting, with irish music, beer and good food. Pub food are the best!!

1 pint of Creans, Marina Inn's own draught beer (€4.60)

Seafood chowder (€6.50)

Chicken wings (€6.95)

Guinness beef stew with potatoes (€11.95)

Baked cod (€13.95)

Fish & chips (€13.95)

Beef lasagne with chips (€11.95)

That concluded our 2 days road trip in Kerry! My first road trip ever. 
Thank you everyone for making it happened!
Couldn't have done it without N & RT's car, A's safe and superb driving skills, A's awesome GPS navigating skills and constant supply of music, L's photography and videography skills for the scenery photos! 

We were very blessed and grateful for the lovely weather throughout as well. The week before and after our trip were horrible. Fate perhaps :p 

I definitely enjoyed myself and look forward to more amazing trips in the future! x