Monday, January 8, 2018

24th birthday; 2017 - Floral themed birthday

A & J took a long time to plan my birthday and they eventually came up with a floral themed for me :)

The decorations, food & cakes were all on point! I'm absolutely amazed at their creativity (as usual).

Peanut butter chocolate cheesecakes are love <3

 homemade curry puffs as starter
chicken nuggets, mee goreng burger & vietnamese spring rolls as mains 
4 layered birthday cakes & peanut butter chocolate cheesecakes as desserts

Cake flavours in descending orders:
pistachio ice cream cake
raspberry cheesecake with raspberry jello
white chocolate cheesecake
dark chocolate cake with 5 mini white chocolate cheesecakes

I was told that J initially ordered the cakes to be sized according to the cake stand, but they turned out to be all the same size. So, to compensate, the bakery actually gave him a discount, along with 5 free mini cheesecakes. 

I think my favourite one was the pistachio ice cream cake. The other cakes were kind of normal & bland. I have lost faith in Irish bakeries..why can't they have standards like London's bakeries? :(

Everything just looked amazing together :) 
The fairy lights, candles, flowers and every detail of it.
another pinterest worthy birthday <3

Thanks for making me feel like a princess on my special day. 
I couldn't asked for better people to celebrate my birthday with!

My baes