Saturday, October 24, 2015

A new phase in life

It's been 2 months since I've arrived in Cork, Republic of Ireland..

Departed from Brunei on 17th August to Singapore..

and I was only aware that you're entitled a SGD $20 voucher when you're on a long distance flight!!!
So with Alicia & mine, we have $40 worth of voucher to use..and we decided to spend it ALL ON FOOD!!

 Pezzo's pizza!!

 Dessert afterwards :D

After that, I had a dreadful 13 hours flight from Singapore to London..
vomited on board T_____T air sickness is such a bad experience...

I actually puked twice. It was so bad that I had to buy anti emetics from Boots..

Arrived at Cork safely around 4:30pm. We arrived 10 days earlier than our accommodation's agreement. Prior to this,  I've emailed Victoria Mills Student Accommodation regarding early check in but..they never replied me. We even had to call several times to confirm and secure a room for ourselves!! Fortunately, they're aware that we'll be arriving early and gave us the rooms!! Don't need to sleep on streets! xD hahaha

Rushed to the city centre to get my duvet, pillows and bedsheets..
Was lost and we couldn't find our way to we bought our set in Dunnes Store instead. Limited choice but..yeah..

 Come to think of it, my bedsheets look like a guy's. But I love blue as well!!

Groceries shopping :D

We're here at UCC!! :)

The start of our culinary adventure..
Rice!! I'm so so so glad we brought the rice cooker from Brunei. It's so handy now!!
Plus, it's pink in colour!! Super mini size and cute :D

Baked cheese rice 

Baked salmon with cucumber and potato wedges

Vegetable green curry & rice

Breakfast :3

Pseudo-kueh tiaw (made with Tagliatelle pasta) 

Butter milk chicken (but without curry leaves :<)

Thai style fried rice?? Hahah

Fusilli Carbonara with salmon, broccoli and carrots

Sandwich lasagna

Pseudo-mee mamak (made with spaghetti pasta)

Bibimbap; modified version xD

Vegetarian Japanese wafuu curry (made by June!)

First eat-out at Milano's with Nate

Went shopping with the girls at Penneys and saw these LED lights!! Couldn't resist them! 
I bought the coloured ones initially because they looked super dreamy & lovely at the packaging cover..

But they look HORRIBLE!!
So ugly!! :( I was so sad whenever I saw it hanging on my wall..and decided to change it!

Looks so much better now, no? :D

Outdoor Yoga at Fitzgerald Park! It was super cold but it's really cool!!!

Only had the chance to go for twice we couldn't wake up once and they cancelled it on another time due to the bad weather. Since it was getting colder, they stopped the charity yoga..

We also went to the summer concert at Fitzgerald Park..

Anyways, so far, my 2 months in Cork had been fruitful, hectic and..'dramatic'.
Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to more adventures in Ireland!

Hopefully, I'll grow through my living abroad independently. 
Starting a new phase in life :D