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2018 - The new phase in life

I have no idea why I procrastinated posting these, esp I've previously made it a point to document the highlights of my year annually -- for my own memory sake.
Perhaps because 2018 was the year I started work, and then I just became lazy and complacent. 

2018 was an important year. 
The first few months, I was in Clonmel, working hard, studying hard for my final med exams. 
My room in Clonmel :)

1. Celebrating J's birthday first time together
I took the earliest bus after placement from Clonmel back to Cork, so that I could celebrate J's birthday on the day itself. Couldn't really prepare much as I was out of Cork, so we went for dinner at 14A :) 

2 days later, during a weekend, Alicia & I celebrated a belated one for him and I got him 5 presents to  tackle his 5 senses~ I also baked a Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake!

2. First Valentine's Day together
Our first, and only Valentine's day that we get to celebrate together. After this, the other V-dates were all LDR..Thanks for making this a memorable one. We had our lovely dinner at Spitsjack, a newly opened restaurant in Cork. J got me roses, chocolates, and Monty, the new addition to our plushy doggies family.

3. My first snowman! 
I've never actually built a snowman before, and it was the first time I experienced THICK snow in Cork. J, A and myself built this snowman at midnight!! What a fun experience. I missed uni life.

4. Graduation
6 years of medical school (for me as I did the twinning program), and I finally graduated from Medical school!! Officially a doctor :) 

5. Graduation trip in Summer
Ireland & UK: read here
Eastern Europe & Croatian Delight tour: here
Turkey: my hot air balloon dream came true~
Greece: here

6. Celebrated first year anniversary with J

7. Remaining days of Summer in Cork 
After we're back from our trip, I stayed with J for a whole month in order to wait for our employment results. Unfortunately, both of us did not secure a job in Ireland and had to go back to our respective home country, which means we will be having LDR. Our last month in Cork was great. We tried hi-tea at Hayfield Manor, one of the places that I've been wanting to go. 

We went to some picnic event in Cork, restaurant hopping at Electric and Market Lane, we also ordered pizza worth €150?! A won a €200 voucher for her birthday from Four star pizza but she never received it, and finally we followed up and tadaaaa free food! 

Belated graduation treat from baby sis

Home made Bibimbap

Our 14th monthsary dinner at Electric

Also a lot of home cooking, home baking days. To be honest, I was slightly depressed and upset because I worked really hard for my final year, and was hoping to get a job there so that I could train there. However, things didn't really turn out the way I wanted to..but hey, that's life, right? 
Thankfully for A and J who were constantly there for me. I remembered J asked me to watch Forrest Gump to remind me "life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get", and that I just have to keep going. This might be a blessing in disguise. I always believe that I'm at the place that I should be. Although I'm not really religious, I'm sure God has better plans for me, I just need to have faith. 
J once told me that I was the best thing that happened to him throughout his 5 years of UCC-life. I think he's my lucky star too, because UCC wasn't my first choice, but somehow I ended up there. And everything happens for a reason. Although we didn't end up together, I'm still grateful that I've met him and experience something beautiful. I want to believe that we've grown from this relationship, and that we both supported each other through the hard times in life. 

8. Short SG getaway in August
J's dad invited me over to SG to celebrate SG's 53rd national day. Since work will officially starts in September, I went over. J's dad was kind enough to offer us to stay at MBS's presidential suite. We enjoyed the fireworks at night and stay there :)

Brunch at MBS's Spago

With Gaga <3

Marvel Studios - The first 10 years. Very fortunate that this happened at the Art Science Museum when I went over. Unfortunately, the crystal galaxy was under renovation :( but J got us tickets the 2nd time again when I went over for his bday next year!

Thank you J & family for the hospitality! 

I also met up with ZH during this trip, and had my first Omakase experience :)

9. J's Brunei experience after we got together
This was a funny story, because prior meeting me, J has a list of criteria he wouldn't wanna date - Someone who has the same name as her sister, Michelle. Someone who's his classmate, just to name a few.. Also, he was deployed to Brunei for his army training for one month during his National Service days, which I quoted he said "I almost died in Brunei's jungle". So obviously, Brunei didn't leave a good impression on him and he said he'll never come to Brunei, ever again. 
Never say never I guess xD
Ever since then, he has visited Brunei 4 times up to date :)
It always warms my heart when I said Brunei has nothing much to offer, but he said "Brunei has you." Even though things didn't turn out the way we wanted it to be, I still hope Brunei has left nothing but good memories for you. J got to play with Mel's German and Belgian Shepherd, and my cousin's husky Loki. 
My fave pic of them

10. Started my first job 
Started in Internal Medicine & rotated through Respiratory Medicine, then Endocrine. Worked hard, learnt a lot. It was a steep learning curve but I enjoyed it. On calls were tough but J and I supported each other through. Sg's experience and learning environment was so much tougher..and I think it might have changed J a bit unknowingly. 

11. First baking class
I've always enjoyed baking, but never actually had a proper class on it. In October 2018, I decided to learn Korean buttercream flowers pipping. It was a full day course which costed me approximately BND $300. No regrets though.. if only I have time to practice!!

12. My 25th Birthday
J came over to Brunei again. I'm really happy that he made extra efforts to switch his calls to Xmas eve and NY's eve so that he could take leave and celebrate my birthday with me. I'm really really happy, and it means a lot to me. 
Read more here

13. Christmas & New Year Celebration
Celebrated the festive occasion with my friends :) Had a warm dinner and nice catch up with the girls. 

2018 was a turning point in life. It's the year I've graduated and started work. It's the year we started our LDR. It's the year that I have a lot of my firsts. Also, the year I reunited with my dear family members which I have not seen for the past 2 years. 
2018 wasn't that bad. There's certainly ups and downs and I wasn't my best self through the hard times, but I'm thankful for family members and J for being by my side and pick me up. 

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