Tuesday, February 20, 2018

London 4.0

Didn't miss Majlis Bersama Rakyat in 2017 :D  and this was probably my last MBR :(
It fell on a weekend, as usual. Last year was the only odd one where it happened on a Thursday and we all miscalculated it. Missed it as it was the day I returned from Morocco to London. 

Anyways, this time,  J decided to tag along.

Day 1

When we touched down, we went to Roti King for lunch:

Roti King 
40 Doric Way
Kings Cross
London, UK

There's usually a really long queue for it and majority queueing for it are Asians. The taste of home <3

Personally, I felt that the roti canai is not worth it (although it's one of the highly recommended dish)
The rendang & the mee mamak, on the other hand, are must-tries!! They taste exactly like how they should taste like in Asia! 

Service     : 
Food         : 
Ambience : 
Price         : 

We then had desserts at Dominique Ansel bakery:

Dominique Ansel Bakery
17-21 Elizabeth St
London, UK

Dominique Ansel is a French-born pastry chef who's the youngest and only US-based chef to be awarded the World's best pastry chef in 2017. Being the creator of the famous cronut (croissant & doughnut hybrid) and chocolate chip cookie shot, we had to try both of them!

We queued for nearly 30 minutes for the seats. The bakery was so crowded! The cookie shot was delicious and I love how well it went with the vanilla milk. The cronut was too sweet for me; I prefer it without the jam! I prefer the DKA over the cronut coz' it's crispier, but they're both too sweet for me. 

The Christmas morning cereal, made with Valrhona Caramel milk chocolate puffed rice, caramelised hazelnuts and miniature smoked cinnamon meringues, is only available during each holiday season. To be honest, I would not buy it again. It's freaking £12 (which J and I finished in 1.5 courses) and it's nothing special!! 

Service     : 
Food         : 
Ambience : 
Price         : 

We ended our day at Winter Wonderland. It's the first time that J visited it.

 Spent £15 and won nothing :(

 Duck palette: Crispy duck with hoisin sauce, skinny fries and 3 fried duck wings

Day 2

Woke up early to prepare for MBR 2017. Fell sick on this day. T____T
might be the lack of sleep, or perhaps the dusty room I was staying at Brunei Hall, or the polluted air in London. I was terribly sick, with intermittent rhinorrhea and nasal congestion, headache and sore throat :(

Reunion of Medic8ion 

I participated an illustration competition in conjunction to His Majesty's Golden Jubilee and managed to bag home a 3rd prize xD The artworks were displayed on a separate room where HM dined on the day, so I never actually gotten the chance to view my printed digital illustration myself..

Day 3

Cakes for breakfast. That's so me.
Red velvet cupcake

Red velvet brownies

I usually dislike sponge cakes because they're either too dry or too sweet. I'm not a fan of red velvet because it's basically just sponge cake with red food colouring, but I have to say, the hummingbird bakery's red velvet cupcake and brownies were not disappointing. The sweetness, texture and density of the cake were just right and complimented well with the cream cheese. 

Maitre Choux Persian Pistachio Eclair

I love pistachio and it was indeed delicious. Would I pay £5.20 for another one though? Probably not. They do look aesthetically pleasing though. Loads of flavours and choices. Bad place for indecisive people like me because I probably would end up buying all (if I have the money xD)

Met up with Carl for lunch at Dozo Sushi:

Dozo Sushi
32, Old Compton St
London, UK

Dozo Sushi has great lunch deals, I would highly recommend it. Finally satisfied all my Japanese food cravings. However, if I do visit Dozo Sushi again, I will go to the Kensington branch, instead of  the Soho one. I felt that the waiter who served us was extremely rude. I believe this is not an once-off incident as most people who reviewed Dozo Sushi Soho at TripAdvisor disliked the service there. They rushed customers through their meals because they're very busy. When we asked questions regarding to the menu, the waiter was impatient and frowned at us. His tone while taking our orders and repeating them was unpleasant as well. Such a pity, because they serve great food but the crappy service would actually hinder me from going back.

Service     : 
Food         : 
Ambience : 
Price         : 

Biju Bubble Tea Room
45 Old Compton St, Soho, London

Hong Kong milk tea w/ tapioca pearls £3.95
Matcha milk tea w/ Black herbal grass jelly £3.95

Was rather disappointed with Biju. I think the overall taste was too bland and there was too much ice. The only thing I liked about it was the chewy tapioca pearls.

Went to Hawksmoor for dinner. J's treat 

Hawks moor Seven Dials 
11 Langley St, London

Roast scallops w/ white port & garlic 

Large cuts T-bone 650g & triple cooked chips (not shown in picture)
£54 + £4.50

Service     : 
Food         : 
Ambience : 
Price         : 

My 2nd musical. Aladdin is my favourite Disney cartoon!! The stage, choreography, songs and costumes were spectacular and it made my night magical 

Woke up early to queue for The Breakfast Club...and we still had to queue for 30 minutes!

Day 4

The Breakfast Club
33 D'Arbly St, Soho, London

Elvis Shake (PB + banana)

This is my staple breakfast, in liquid. Nothing beats this combo!! Couldn't stop slurping this gem and nearly finished it within minutes.

Breakfast Club Classics: Chorizo Hash
Chorizo, grilled peppers, mushrooms, caramelised crushed potatoes & a poached egg, with lemon & feta sauce

The All American Pancakes
Pancakes, eggs, sausage, home-style potatoes, streaky bacon & maple syrup

Service     : 
Food         : 
Ambience : 
Price         : 

Went to Neal's Yard again.. 3rd time here and still haven't managed to capture an IG-worthy neal's yard pic :(

The coat J got me from Uniqlo. Love the faux fur! It looks so elegant (: 

Finally get to try Tsujiri~

Tsujiri Matcha House
47 Rupert St, Soho, London

Matcha soft serve £4.20
Mixed matcha & houjicha crispy sundae £5.30

Houjicha is roasted matcha so it has a stronger taste. Personally, I think Tombo's soft serve was nicer. My memory could be playing tricks with me as I tried Tombo more than a year ago, but I think their matcha is more flavourful.

Had our dinner at Wasabi Sushi & Bento at Paddington station. A mistake to eat there..because we missed our bus to airport. Thinking back, we could have takeaway and eat our dinner in airport. This was entirely my fault because I insisted on eating there (which I have no idea why I was stubborn).

Also, I think we spent too much time window shopping at Selfridges & House of Fraser. We prebooked the bus tickets before we came to London. It was supposed to depart at 4pm sharp. We arrived at the station around 3:55pm and the bus didn't come even when it's 4:10pm...
We checked the realtime bus schedule and realised they departed from Paddington around 3:50pm. like..what the hell?! =_=

Self reminder: Arrive at station at least 15 minutes before departure!!

I was extremely anxious and frustrated. I'm usually quite mean when I'm anxious because I can't keep myself calm and start gibbering whatever's on my mind. Thank you J for keeping me calm at that moment. He immediately booked express train tickets from Liverpool to Stansted, and we took a cab from Paddington to Stansted (which costed a lot because of the rush hour), and thankfully, we arrived at Stansted on time for our 7pm flight..only to find out that the flight was delayed to 9:30pm. 

What an eventful day. Nevertheless, this trip allowed me to understand J better and I'm thankful for that (: