Thursday, January 7, 2016

22nd Birthday; 2015 - English Hi-Tea birthday

Happy 2016!!!

Haven't updated my blog since October because I've been very very busy with my studies.

I'm 22 years old already!! By the end of 2016, I'll be 23 and I've read this article recently, about how 23 years old is the worst age in your life  T_________T I hope not!

Anyways, my 22nd birthday was in midst of my winter exam :( 
This was actually the first time I had exams AFTER my birthday..
During secondary and A-levels, most of the exams finished at the end of November and I was lucky to always have my exams before 3rd Dec during uni days in Brunei. 

Despite being very busy, I did have an amazing birthday, thanks to all the wonderful people in my life! 

At 12am sharp, Double As knocked on my window and played Lawson's 'Standing in the dark'..which was actually quite creepy. 

They forced me to eat my strawberry cheesecake at 12am-ish, despite knowing I have a no-food-after-9pm curfew.

I was actually sick for the week. Probably the stress and lack of sleep..but I had cough and flu T_T which was the worst thing to have during exam week. 

A asked if I wanted to have breakfast and I thought she was cooking porridge or oatmeal..and I actually woke up around 10am (which was very late because I should be revising T_T)

but when I went to the kitchen, she was like 'ta-dah! surprise' 


A++++ for effort really! She even bought a set of teapot, tea cups and a 2-tier cake stand because she remembered I said I always wanted to have a high-tea kind of party. But i meant like a gathering among our friends. I totally didn't expect this! So sweet <3

Thank you!!

It's such a pity June couldn't join us because she was having her exams on that morning :( 
BUT she joined us for dinner!! So happy!!


Alicia made a potato cake for me!! It was gooooooood!!

I love my girls <3

A week later, I received a package from my Dublin girls :3 
That was totally unexpected and very sweet of them :) 

I am grateful to have such wonderful friends around me. Good friends are hard to find, and even harder to keep.

Quality, not quantity. 


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