Sunday, July 5, 2015

Spongebob Alive Show

I went to the Spongebob Alive Show with Mel & Liew at the Bio Innovation Corridor (former Agro Tech Park, RIMBA)..

I saw the advertisement while shopping one day at Supa Save, Mabohai. 
From the poster, it looked really exciting. With all the face painting, boating school I woke up at 8am in the morning to catch the 9am show. 

The entrance fee was $10/adult and $8/children (below 10 years old).
To be honest, the whole Spongebob alive adventure was was meant for children and adults who wanted to bring their children there. 

The boating school was a place for children to have colouring sessions and they didn't even use proper face painting materials. I was quite excited for the face paint initially but I didn't want pimples to pop out if they used watercolour on my face D:

The only thing that I enjoyed was the live baby crocodile show, where I met Tick Tock.

Gained lots of valuable knowledge on how to deal with crocodiles. Tick Tock is capable of biting off a finger! I can't imagine if he grows bigger..

Before the show, we ordered Krabby Patty for $4 each. It consisted crab's meat patty, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. It's really yummy! I don't mind eating another one. 

We decided to sit on the "wet zone" but it was really just some kids spraying water using the water guns. 

He was also the guy who introduced Tick Tock to's either he's the boss/manager or this event was really shorthanded.

Some fire breathing acts..

There was a lot of unnecessary dancing parts..but the dancers were not energetic and the music was really soft. It was really awkward and weird.

Waited till the end, just so we can take a picture with both Spongebob and Patrick.

That's pretty much it. Honestly, it wasn't anything special but I'm glad I could spend more time with Mel & L. 

Since we're already at the Agro Park, we went around the park. The weather was really good as well. Cloudy and windy.

Swam in the afternoon and headed to the consumer fair at night. It was the last day of Consumer fair and I was glad that I insisted in going there!

It was very crowded. The queue for the shuttle bus was so long!! It's probably the largest crowd I've seen in Brunei (probably because I don't go out much).

Got these really cute keychain sanitisers!
Aren't they adorable? >_<!!

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