Thursday, July 9, 2015

Horse riding with BEQ Equestrian Centre

I bought two SocialDeal coupons for horseback riding in early April so that I could surprise L when he's back in Brunei..but we were so busy and only managed to book our rides in July!

I tried calling BEQ's office for numerous times but nobody picked up the phone..I then tried calling the mobile phone provided on the coupon. Still no response. Texted, whatsapp-ed..(sorry, was really desperate)

Ms. Lani then called me back from the office and I managed to secure a slot at 9am on Sunday. 
She was really nice in person, but a bit rude over the phone? It's probably just me though..or she's really busy and had a rough time on that day.

Nevertheless, I was really excited! I used to ride on horses and sat on horse carriages when I was young, during carnivals in KB town. I wonder why they no longer organise these anymore :|  

BEQ is a little difficult for us to locate..we had to ask around and follow the signage whenever there's one:

There are lots of horses there! Bluray stuck its head out and greeted us :D

We were told to put on our helmets and off we go!
They prepared 2 horses for us..and I was so excited upon seeing a white horse!

Taquila sunrise; the horse which L rode on

Lavenda; the horse that I rode on

Both Taquila and Lavenda are males. Lavenda is such a nice name for a white horse, but a bit too feminine xD

Since the coupons were valid for 15-20 minutes ride only, we just wandered around the neighbourhood; one round from BEQ to the nearby parking lot and back.
We were fortunate because the sun wasn't really bright on that day and it was quite windy.

BEQ Equestrian also offered a variety of courses for children and adults. There are also professional equestrian courses and packages.

Block E, Royal Stables Jerudong Park BG 3122, 
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Office no#:      +673-2611898
Ms. Lani's no#: +673-7126629
Visit their Facebook: BEQ Equestrian

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