Monday, July 10, 2017

A summer date in London

I had a musical date in London with J; this is probably one of the most last minute trip I've ever been to, but I really enjoy it. So thank you J! 

Our first vacation (:

9 Goldhurst Terrace, Finchley Road, London
Tuesday - Saturday 10:30am - 6:30pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm 

Breakfast at Lanka
The cakes looked so pretty! Felt like trying everything!!

Green Tea Panna Cotta with Adzuki Beans eating in £4.30 || out £3.60
Baked Cheese Cake eating in £3.80 || out £3.20
Green Tea Strawberry Cake eating in £4.50 || out £3.80
Yuzu Mousse eating in £4.50 || out £3.80

Green Tea tart eating in £4.10 || out £3.40
Strawberry Tart eating in £4.80 || out £4.00

We were satiated after 6 cakes! Since we opted for eating in, everything is slightly pricier. I highly recommend the Green tea strawberry cake and Baked cheese tart. I find the Yuzu mousse's citrus taste a bit too overwhelming. The green tea tart was very rich and flavourful, while the panna cotta is more light and refreshing.

Service     : 
Food         : 
Ambience : 
Price         : 

159 Knightsbridge Hotel 
Knightsbridge, London

Despite the pictures looking fine, the hotel was kinda run down and dusty. There were so bleach stains on the toilet floor, as we weren't provided any bath gels; only hand soaps. 

The elevator was quite quaint but felt really unstable. The receptionists were unprofessional; he lost the receipt and requested the original copy from us...

We were promised free breakfast before 8am as we had to catch the flight early..but the breakfast never arrived. 

After reading the reviews from TripAdvisor, I am actually grateful nothing major happened because other people had cockroaches in their rooms, and one of them got burgled and lost all their valuables, including passports. Despite situating in the high-end Knightsbridge, this hotel is quite dodgy. 

Please do not stay here =_= 
My best hotel experience so far is still Travelodge :) 

We were still quite full from our breakfast, so we headed to Reagent Street for window shopping~

Godiva chocolate coated strawberries 

Totally regret drinking this. Taro milk tea but it was so diluted that I couldn't taste any taro flavour. There's also a powdery texture to it.. the only thing I liked about it was the chewy pearls. 
Never a fan of chatime. X_X

11 Rathbone St, Fitzrovia, London
Opens daily 12 - 2:45pm, 5:30 - 10:45pm

Assorted kimchi 

Korean seafood pancake 

Hankook Bulgogi 

Dolsot Bibimbap with bulgogi beef 

La Galbi £12.50

Service     : 
Food         : 
Ambience : 
Price         : 

 Lyceum Theatre

My first musical :D

 Thank you 

The free hotel breakfast didn't happen, so we quickly cabbed to The Breakfast Club, but the queue was insanely long. So, we headed to Lantana Cafe instead (which happened to be J's initial choice, but he chose Breakfast Club due to its popularity). Guess everything happened for a reason eh?

13 Charlotte Pl, Fitzrovia, London

Corn fritters stacked with streaky bacon, fresh spinach, roast tomatoes, smashed avocado & lemon creme fraiche, topped with a poached egg 

Duck and sweet potato hash with a fried egg, kale, spring onion, crème fraiche and sriracha hot sauce 

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Ambience : 
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