Monday, June 15, 2015

The Run & Run With Colours

The Run 2015

Since my first volunteering event for charity runs back in 2012, I've vowed to at least partake in one run before I left for my further education.

And so, I registered for The Run 2015. L came back earlier this year so we got to run together. Our first run together!! 

I'm not an athlete, therefore I'm not confident in running long distances at all. The last time I could recall running long distances was actually CHMS Sports Day, when I had to run 800m...and that's not even long...5km is about 6 times longer! 

But I was soooo lazy to train and only started training 1 week before The Run :/
When I started, I couldn't even withstand 2km..and was really worried that I couldn't finish the run within 1 hour as I really wanted the medal. I never had one from runs before (pathetic, I know)

On the day itself, I managed to clock in at 38 minutes 49 seconds :D
I usually take around 45-50 minutes to finish 4.5km so it's actually an improvement for me hahaha
Thank you L for pushing me and waiting for me (: 

First run with dad too!


Run With Colours 2015

We saw Run With Colours and decided to join because it's Brunei's first colour run! 
I was telling my friends that there are many colour runs overseas and we definitely have to join if we have the chance..but who knows, Brunei organised her very own this year!

After the first round of powder splashing!

Since it's just a fun run, we took our time running/walking..

Post-run; tired but happy xD

I met up with my Co8 friends. We've planned to take lots of pictures because we saw all the crazily nice post-run pictures in the internet & Instagram! Fortunately, the weather was really good and Wendy's iPhone 6 miraculously took pictures that look like photoshoot pictures! I'm really happy with all our shots! Here are some of my favourite ones:

 Zakka said this looks like a romantic Thai comedy movie cover hahah

I swear all of these pictures are not edited. I'm amazed at how pretty the lighting was! Or maybe the photographer has great skills..

Wendy and I tried to do a cute post but failed because we did not trust each other xD
We were both afraid of failing and it was really difficult to balance!

But just as we were about to give up, Zakka took one amazing shot!
The phone decided to brighten up the tone as well and we got a pretty nice candid shot! We were just trying and testing around, laughing at our numerous failed attempts..and snap! Zakka got it! *clap clap*

This picture looks like it's being photoshopped but it really isn't! 100% raw from iPhone 6! :D

The last colour station was the blue powder as blue is the colour for autism awareness and Run With Colours is a charity run to raise awareness on autism as well as help to fund Smarter Brunei. 

Everyone's covered in blue only :( The other colours faded off quite fast. 
L's shirt was pretty nice; he got a fair patch of every single colour on that day!

After these runs, I'm back to being a couch potato, gaining weight every day.. T_____________T 

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