Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review: Liese Hair Dye - Ash Brown

I only dye my hair once per year, because the colours I chose were not very bright so when my black hair roots grew, it wasn't very obvious. Hence, I don't really mind and let it be..

I have only tried Cassis Berry (dyed twice using Cassis Berry)
Cassis Berry is 3-star brightness. I can definitely see the colour change but it's more brownish than pink. 

All Liese colours are brown based with slight colour variety and brightness. So, even if it says Pink, it's actually brown with slight tinge of pink. 

Since I've changed both my phone and laptop, I had to dig out all these unedited pictures of my hair to show the results:

 Under yellow light: The brown was so obvious!

Under natural sunlight

Last summer, I've decided to try Ash brown (also a 3-star brightness dye)

One of the reason why I love using Liese is because it's extremely easy to use! Basically, you squeeze out the dye and it comes out as colour bubble foam, which you massage them all over your hair and scalp (like shampoo-ing).

Each box of hair dye comes with a pair of gloves and conditioner after dying..and I'm not sure what secret ingredient do they use but I think my hair is super silky after dying, in contrast to a lot of people whose hair go dry after dyeing. 

It's also suitable for oily hair. My fringe is super oily, hair looks like I've sprayed oil on them even though I washed my hair the night before..
but after using Liese, I felt like it's less oily and more silky!! Hair doesn't seem to look or feel damaged as well.

One bottle of Cassis Berry Liese was barely sufficient for my hair (almost-reaching-my-waist length!) but I still used one only..that's probably why the colour doesn't pop as much as I expected it to. The lather didn't foam until the very end and that worried me a bit. I thought my bottle of dye would go wasting since I can't get the lather to foam and the colour won't stay on my super long hair...

This was also why I decided to cut my hair short before dyeing. 

Before: brown hair from the previous Cassis Berry

After: Natural soft brown with a hint of ash

I felt like my hair became darker for the same level of brightness (3-stars), but this is probably because Cassis berry has a pink undertone colour while ash brown is more of a neutral brown. 
The hair ends also became darker and consistent brown in overall. No more black roots yay!

The application is just like shampooing my hair, so I do not have to worry that I'll miss some parts un-dyed. I avoided massaging too much of my scalp and roots area to achieve a consistent ash brown; brighter hair colour at the roots.

 Under yellow light: It looks like black though!!

After 1 month, natural sunlight: The colour will be brighter after a few hair washes. I really love the colour now!! 

After 1 month, under yellow light: The colour is so pretty under yellow light. It's not as yellow brown as Cassis Berry and I think it looks healthier with a darker shade

I would like to try other colours in the future, probably brighter ones? Then, I'll have to worry about my dark roots :(

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